Pediatric Dental Services


Age 1 Visits & Initial Exams

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children visit a dentist by the first birthday, and we wholeheartedly agree with their recommendation. Early visits give us time to reduce any risk factors we may find in our primary prevention program. We provide you, the parent, with the information needed to care of your child's smile. You can prevent costly dental work in the future by knowing what to do with your child's diet and hygiene as well as your own. New Patient visits include an orientation to the office, soft tissue examination, scaling and polishing, necessary x-rays, fluoride treatment, oral hygiene instruction, dental development evaluation, dietary and nutritional counseling, and patient/parent education. We encourage mom and dad to be present with their child during their entire visit. We teach you and your child how to best care for their teeth, advise on eating habits and answer any specific questions you may have. We explain how cavities are caused, what we can do to prevent them and how your children can help fight gum and tooth disease by brushing properly. All information is provided in an age appropriate manner to help nurture and encourage your child.

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Check Up Appointments

Our check up appointments encompass more than "just a cleaning." We view each check up as an opportunity to provide you and your child the tools your family needs to remain cavity free. Take a look at the initial exam to see the types of services your child will receive at every check up appointment.

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Dental Education

Although check up appointments are a critical component of your child's dental care, we know that your child's home care program and habits will more likely influence his or her ability to stay cavity-free. Therefore, we place a significant emphasis on education and help identify and eliminate potentially harmful habits. Please refer to our FAQ on how cavities develop and brushing tips and helpful hints for some of our educational favorites.

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