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Waterlase® “No Shot” Dentistry in Chapel Hill

Everyone wishes for a “no shot no drill no fear” option when they go to the dentist – kids especially! Due to the wonders of modern technology, your children don’t have to fear going to the dentist anymore. Southern Village Pediatric Dentistry is proud to offer the Waterlase® iPlus system: a no shot, no drill alternative that gets rid of the need for injections at the dentist. Your kids will never fear going to the dentist again!

What is the Waterlase® “No Shot No Fear” System?

The Waterlase® system allows your pediatric dentist to perform dental procedures naturally and often without anesthetic. Combining air, water, and laser energy together, Waterlase® is able to gently act on tooth and gum tissue.

Oral pain is normally created by pressure, heat, or vibration – all three of which are caused by drills. This natural but precise technology relieves all of the pain caused by drills. “No Shot No Fear” has no vibration, creates almost no pressure, and continuously cools the mouth by hydrating the area with water. The focused laser energy makes the procedure precise and quick.

While drills have been the traditional choice of pediatric dentists for many years, the Waterlase® system is quickly passing the drill to become one of the more preferred dental tools. In addition to requiring anesthetic and causing fear and pain, drills take large portions of tooth tissue as they work and can cause cracks in healthy teeth and bone. The precise laser of Waterlase® ensures minimal tissue loss!

As there is little to no use of anesthetic, this means that your child can return to normal diet and activity immediately after the procedure.

What Can the “No Shot No Fear” Waterlase® Technology Do, Exactly?

Due to the gentle, precise, and effective combination of water, air, and laser energy, the Waterlase® system can properly treat many of your child’s oral surgery needs.

  • Cavities – Even with the best at-home oral hygiene, cavities can still occur in your child’s mouth. Cavities are easily handled with “No Shot No Fear” and require only minor tissue loss.
  • Gum Disease – Periodontal issues can start earlier than you’d think. Our Waterlase® technology can easily and painlessly treat gum disease when it starts.
  • Gingival Teeth Exposure – Some of your child’s teeth might be slow to drop or appear. The gentle laser of water can help softly expose and speed up lazy teeth.
  • “Tongue Tie” Release/Frenectomy – We all have frenulum or flaps of skin that hold our tongues to the floor of our mouths and our lips to our gums, but some kids are born with these skin flaps too tight – sometimes so tight that it effects the ability to eat or the position of the teeth. “No Shot No Fear” will help ensure that your child’s mouth is comfortable and that their smile is beautiful.
  • Oral Lesions/Growths/Cold Sores/Fever Blisters – Canker sores, growths, lesions, and other wounds in the mouth can be annoying and painful to deal with. The Waterlase® system can effectively relieve the pain of these lesions and accelerate the healing process at the same time.

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