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By Annelise Hardin, DDS
June 22, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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Drs. Annelise Hardin and Shauna Woody of Southern Village Pediatric Dentistry in Chapel Hill, NC, will assist you with exploring best practices for incredible oral health. We realize that an intensive, basic dental consideration routine is a successful method to maintain oral wellbeing throughout one’s life. Here are a few reasons why pediatric dental care is significant:

Avoiding Cavities

Urging your kid to indulge in custom-made beverages with less sugar will assist with replacing carbonated beverages and other high-sugar drinks as a go-to reward. These practices forestall decay and gum disease, which torment a patient's oral wellbeing through various dental conditions.

Leafy foods are nutritious and offer vitamins and minerals. Eating these as opposed to devouring treats can help in keeping up sound teeth and gums over the long haul. Fruit pops and apples with nutty spread are instances of tidbits that can fill in for ice cream and candy. Your Pediatric Dentist Chapel Hill, NC, recommends snacks like whole-grain pita chips and hummus, or low-fat yogurt with berries.



Your Pediatric Dentist Chapel Hill, NC at Southern Village Pediatric Dentistry can help with conversing with your youngsters about the risks of propensities like smoking and liquor. These practices stain the teeth, disturb the gums, and ruin a smile right off the bat throughout everyday use.

Sound routines are anything but difficult to learn and are even fun to perform once learned. Consistent preventive care sets children up for accomplishment in getting a fabulous grin.



Mindfulness regarding day-by-day brushing will enable your young ones to take care of their dental needs. With such an array of toothpaste flavors available in Chapel Hill, NC, one will surely be a hit in your home.

Helping your children figure out how to floss is challenging, yet as their grown-up teeth develop and grow, the effort will prove to be worth it. Flossing is also possible with flavor enhanced floss, making the procedure taste and feel better.

Dental Care for Everybody

Finding an empathetic dental specialist for your family that can address your requirements in Chapel Hill, NC, is no issue. Contact Southern Village Pediatric Dentistry at 919-967-2773 to plan an arrangement and begin on your excursion to stunning oral wellbeing.

By Annelise Hardin, DDS
June 09, 2020
Category: Kids Dental Care
Tags: Preventive Care  

Preventive dental care is immensely crucial, especially for children who don’t really understand how to properly care for their teeth yet. As a parent, having your child attend checkups and routine screenings here at Southern Village Pediatric Dentistry in Chapel Hill, NC, with their pediatric dentist, Dr. Annelise Hardin, is vital to maintaining oral health.

The importance of proper preventive dentistry measures is further highlighted if an oral health issue is detected in advance during dental visits, as this could lessen the risk of your child developing any further complications. With this in mind, the following preventive dentistry treatments can greatly benefit your children.

Professional Teeth Cleanings

The American Dental Association recommends twice-yearly teeth cleanings for children. This is immensely important for avoiding tartar and plaque. You’re likely already well aware that smaller children can’t floss properly by themselves, so there’s a huge risk that plaque will accumulate between your little one’s teeth. Only the special tools used by your pediatric dentist in Chapel Hill, NC, can effectively get rid of plaque buildup and, in turn, prevent cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is essential for strengthening your wee one’s teeth. Put simply, it bolsters the tooth enamel and makes it easier for the teeth to fight off bacteria and acids that cause cavities and tooth decay.

Dental Sealants

Sealants are translucent materials that dentists paint over the teeth’s chewing surfaces to help fend off plaque buildup and prevent cavities from developing and spreading to the other teeth. In most cases, dentists focus on applying sealants to molars that have particularly deep ridges. The procedure is extremely quick since the material hardens in less than five minutes. Once the sealants are in place, you don’t have to worry as much about your kids’ molars since food won’t be able to get in contact with deep ridges.

Aside from these necessary preventive dentistry treatments, your dentist may likewise recommend other treatments depending on your child’s overall oral health.

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