By Annelise Hardin, DDS
November 25, 2020
Category: Dental Health

Many adults have a difficult time contemplating having to spend any time on a dentist's chair, so it's completely understandable that children would as well. This is particularly true if your child is very young or has special needs. This is why your Chapel Hill, NC, dentist offers pediatric sedation. To learn more about the techniques involved get in contact with Dr. Annelise Hardin and Dr. Shauna Woody of Southern Village Pediatric Dentistry.

Sedation Options

Sedation dentistry is a perfect choice for children who may have a difficult time enduring the length of a dental procedure. It also helps to avoid multiple visits for work that would typically require it, by allowing the child's dentist to perform it all at once.

Your child's age, medical history, and the procedure being performed will help determine the mode of sedation. But you should ask questions throughout so you can more decidedly understand what type of treatment your child will be receiving. Your doctor will be glad to explain.

Pediatric Sedation Dentistry in Chapel Hill, NC

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas as it's often known, can help to numb and calm the young patient during moderate procedures. It's delivered through a mask in combination with oxygen and is often used along with other sedation techniques.

I.V. sedation delivers medications intravenously to the patient. The actual medications employed will depend on the patient's medical history. These create in them a sort of twilight state in which they may drift in and out of sleep throughout.

General anesthesia may be suggested by your child's dentist for certain required procedures. There is risk involved as they will be completely asleep throughout, but their dentist would not suggest the procedure if it would not warrant this typically minimum risk.

Your doctor will give you a comprehensive explanation of the techniques at use as well as important things to consider before and after the treatment. Sedation can make a trip to the doctor much less scary for your little ones.

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