Dr. Katie Payne, DDS 

Southern Village Pediatric Dentistry is excited and proud to announce that Dr. Katie Payne, DDS will be joining our team July 17th, 2017! Dr. Katie is no stranger to the Southern Village Pediatric Dentistry staff as she started her journey in pediatric dentistry working with us for 3 years in 2008 as she finished her bachelor's and began dental school.

Dr. Katie completed both her bachelor’s degree and dental school training at UNC-Chapel Hill and completed her pediatric dentistry residency at Ohio State University. Over her many years of expertise and training, Dr. Katie has always loved working with children and is committed to compassionate treatment of not just the mouth, but the person.

Dr. Katie and Dr. Hardin have worked together for several years and continue to strive for excellence in care for their patients. In addition to sharing a passion for pediatric dentistry and ensuring that their patients are well-informed, both Dr. Hardin and Dr. Katie are passionate and deeply invested in their patients’ health and the practice.

As this transition approaches us here at Southern Village Pediatric Dentistry in Chapel Hill, we want to make sure that patients and parents are aware of a newer face in the office. We always strive to make sure that our patients have a fun, painless, educational experience when they visit and so we feel that it is important for your child to meet and get to know both doctors. This means even better care for your child’s oral health as both of our doctors will have familiarity with your child’s needs.

Additionally, this means that our practice can continue to thrive and grow – we will be able to offer more appointment availability and more hours in order to give our patients the best care available. In the fall, we’ll be hosting an open house in appreciation of our patients and to better get to know Dr. Katie.


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